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Network security is changing. Securing your corporate network from threats isn't always as simple as installing a firewall on the outside and some anti-virus software on the desktop.

Risk appetite and corporate governance can underpin the decisions and the solutions provided by IT, are yours aligned?

Openstream consulting provides a range of security solutions to suit your organisation.  From mid level firewall and web-updated Anti-virus through two-factor authentication, endpoint security and DMZ based access policies.

We also engage the customer to find out what they need to achieve, what the implications of a security breach might be (loss of earnings or loss of reputation) and what they feel is the correct level for the business. 

Openstream also provides training on best practices so your team understands how best to handle corporate data.  The risks are not always from the outside in but quite often the other way.

If you would like to know more about our network security solutions in London, IT Support or managed services call us on 0870 947 0427 or email info@openstreamconsulting.com for more information.

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