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Managed IT Services in London & across the UK


With Openstream's Managed Services in London and around the UK we can take away the burden of IT management. 


There’s no doubting that technology is a vital part of your business, and having that vital element fail could mean a loss of earnings, productivity and a negative image for your business – all of which could be avoided with the right support from a partner who understands the need for continuity and reliability.


Managed Services from Openstream Consulting offers our customers a flexible, proactive and discreet service aimed at keeping your business systems running smoothly.  You not only get the support of our on and off-site engineers but our fully integrated Help-desk and system monitoring solutions.  


This means we can proactively manage potential issues before they have a business impact. You also have access to our project managers, sales experts and industry specialists, all of which can add value to your organisation.

Some of our clients request we take the role of IT manager for them.  This means we assist with budget creation, work with teams on projects that require IT involvement, recommend solutions and propose upgrades based on industry understanding and business requirement. All this is done within the managed service remit.

Our aim at all times is to be fast acting, intercepting issues and requirements with a proactive rather than reactive approach.

If you would like to know more about managed services or IT Support call us on 0870 947 0427 or email for more information.


Managed IT services in London

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