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Remote Meeting & Collaboration Technologies - What Benefits Do They Bring?


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How important could remote meeting technologies be to your business?


First off how about slashing the travel budget? We all prefer the personal touch but does Dave in Marketing really need you to do a 3 hour round trip to show you the new graphics? Forget the cost of the train or plane ticket, how about the lost man hours of work to and from locations.


Or how about email clutter? Use an internal chat program to see people’s availability at a glance, then drop them a quick message on a chat program rather than adding to the email server’s workload.


Free tools available


Modern collaboration and remote meeting tools are reasonably priced (even free!) and feature rich. If you’re only looking for video conferencing, Google Hangouts and Skype will be an ideal choice. Both platforms provide chat and conferencing between multiple computers without any charge. Google Hangouts allows 10 participants, while Skype allows 25 participants. In addition to this, Google Hangouts allows people to share Google Drive documents.


Simple application and desktop sharing tools have less features than the more established applications. However, they are easy to use. They come with a less-cluttered interface. This makes them an ideal choice for straightforward collaborating or sharing with people inside or outside the organization. 


Paid for services


Corporate tools such as WebEx, Go to Meeting and ReadyTalk come with a wide range of application features, such as integrated voice conferencing, desktop sharing, video, chat and the ability to record the session. These tools are specifically designed to allow businesses to conduct remote meetings, and facilitate interaction internally. If you (like many other business) are considering moving your email to O365 then many of these features are included in the licence fee under Skype for Business.


While choosing a remote meeting tool, it’s important to start with basic needs and requirements. If you need something for a one-time meeting, it’s better to look for a free tool. On the other hand, if you’re looking to conduct regular remote meetings, a paid subscription tool will be better. 


If you are considering a move to an online collaboration or meeting platform, Openstream can help you make the right decision and assist with the setup, training and management of the service along with support documentation and advanced feature assistance. 


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