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Hosted Email Solutions

Your Hosted Email Solutions   Hosted email is well and truly established and many leading brand names are supplying to this this market. But which one is best for you?   The benefits are clear, no onsite servers to manage...

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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Services in the UK   Whether you deal with terabytes of data on a daily basis or require information to be archived for a set period of time, we can provide a cloud back up solution for your UK business.   Openstr...

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DR & Business Continuity planning

Disaster Recovery Solutions   Openstream Consulting can assist your organisation with developing and executing it's Business Continuity Plan and associated IT Disaster Recovery solution.     We have supported companies wh...

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Colocation Services in London   Do you need a colocation solution for your business in London?   The data centre can be scary.  Underground, sealed off from the outside world, the humming of fans and power supplies all lo...

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Remote Meeting Technologies

Remote Meeting & Collaboration Technologies - What Benefits Do They Bring?   How important could remote meeting technologies be to your business?   First off how about slashing the travel budget? We all prefer the perso...

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