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Why Is Cloud Back Up So Important

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Why Cloud Data Back Up Is Important


Data is key to a functioning business. Without it, well, it becomes hard to do business. As a company, you rely on data to address issues concerning your clients, employees and other purposes. Over time this information grows and the need to manage and protect it becomes an additional function of the organisation.


Many businesses now outsource data backup to reputable service providers, thereby leveraging ultramodern disaster recovery, real-time protection and encryption among their service portfolio without the added cost and training required to perform the task in-house.


So what benefits can you expect from a cloud backup and DR solution?



As mentioned earlier, the data your company generates increases as the company grows. Cloud storage service providers offer you with that extra space your business needs. Different service providers may offer you a variety of storage plans, ranging from free accounts that have limited storage space to pay-as-needed storage space that is virtually unlimited.



With a data backup in the cloud information can be recovered to any location with an internet connection, you no longer have to purchase a tape drive and server, restore the catalogues and then start the data restoration process as with a more traditional tape based backup system.



Rapid data increase may hinder the scalability of your business due to the costly storage requirements. Investing in tape backups and disks is expensive and poses the risk of being stolen or lost. With a cloud backup solution you can eliminate the shortcomings of such hardware and maintenance costs and grow efficiently.



The most important thing about having a data backup is having one that is reliable both in restoring and recovering data. Cloud backup helps you access your data in case of a tragedy since it reliably backs up open files, safely closed files, as well as databases. All you need is a service level agreement with your cloud storage provider to ensure that your daily activities are not interrupted.



Business owners with no backup plans often use the department staff to create their backups manually, a process that takes a lot of time. With a cloud backup you can assign some of your IT department staff to other tasks since you don’t need all of them. Most importantly, this plan uses the existing infrastructure of your business, saving you the money you would have used in purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment.


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