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Top 5 Computer Viruses

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Top 5 Computer Virus Threats To Your Business 

top business computer viruses


Most businesses now use computers to store all of their data and files and have abandoned the traditional filing system. It has increased efficiency however, there is a major challenge globally; this is the threat posed by a computer virus.


A virus is a special kind of a computer program that spreads in disks and networks by replicating itself. Its affects the normal operation of a computer by corrupting both programs and files.


We look at the top 5 computer viruses your business should be aware of...



This is one of the most dangerous viruses. Cryptolocker can find its way into your computer through emails, a flash disk or by accessing a link where it has been set up. Once it enters into the computer it attaches itself to several drives in the network and encrypts them. Once encrypted you cannot open the encrypted file. As if this is not bad enough it then sends a popup message requiring you to pay a certain ransom to provide you with the encryption key. A deadline to pay the ransom is given, a failure to action destroys the encryption key and leads to loss of data and files


To prevent such an attack you need enhanced security on your business computers and network.



Goner virus struck the market recently and caused major destruction. This virus was spread through emails whereby a message was sent and upon arrival to the recipient, it could collect the outlook contacts and resend itself to these contacts. The virus is normally sent as an attachment and once opened and downloaded it directly infects the computer.


Be sure you can identify emails that could be carrying such a virus.



This is another virus to be aware of. Zues creates a malware that can collect and steals any financial information. For instance it can collect the debit card details stored in a computer and sends this information to the creator. This virus is normally used to attack the e-commerce websites where users have entered sensitive credit card or payment details. 



The Alureon virus has the same threat as Zues. It's used to collect and steal credit card details, usernames and passwords in a network. This software infects a computer by manually downloading it and installing it into the computer. It is bundled together with free software and as you install this software the virus is installed too.


Be sure you know what you are doing or have qualified technicians install any new software on your business computer sets.



The Sobog.F virus that targets the Windows operating system. It is also spread using an email - once you open the message it collects all your contacts and sends itself to those contacts. Once a computer is infected with this virus a backdoor is created whereby the creator can access the computer and use it to attack other computers or collect specific information.



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